Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy sets out how we collect, use and protect information about you when you visit our website and register your interest on our website. Please take a few moments to read this Privacy Policy as by using our website and registering your details you are agreeing to be bound by this Privacy Policy.

The Information We Collect

The only personal information we collect on our website is the personal information that you choose to provide to us on the enquiry form.

Although it is not compulsory for you to give your personal information to us, if you do not then we may not be able to provide you with the full range of services and products that our website offers.


We will not pass your information on to third parties.


This website may use Google's "re-marketing" service. This "re-marketing" or "re-targeting" data may be used, by Google (or its third party vendors) to show you advertisements elsewhere on the Internet (or in the Google search results pages (SERPs)) about products and services you might like, based on your prior visits to this website. This is achieved through the use of cookies that track your activity on the internet in order to show you relevant advertising. This website does not collect the information or control the content of the advertisements that you will see.

You may be able to opt out of such "re-marketing" or "re-targeting" cookies used by Google to generate interest-based advertising by following the instructions on the Google advertising opt-out page. Your use of this website without opting out means that you understand and agree to data collection to provide you with interest-based advertising using Google's re-marketing ads.


When you visit our website we may store certain information on your computer in a file known as a cookie. A cookie file is a text-only file and is used so that we can remember who you are each time you visit our website. This will enable us to provide you with, amongst other things:
  • a more enjoyable and customised service when you visit our website; and
  • a better understanding of your preferences in respect of our website.
Most internet browsers, for example Internet Explorer, will allow you to block and erase cookies. However, certain parts of our website may not operate correctly and may not work correctly if you set your internet browser not to accept cookies. For more information on cookies you can refer to your internet browser's help menu.


We recognise that you will have concerns in respect of the security of your personal information and we have therefore implemented certain procedures in order to protect your personal information from unauthorised access and, accidental loss and/or destruction.
However, you should be aware that communications over the Internet are not secure unless they have been encrypted. Such is the nature of the Internet, communications may route through a number of countries before being delivered. We cannot therefore accept any responsibility for any unauthorised access or loss and/or destruction to your personal information that is beyond our control.

Disclosing Your Personal Information

We will not pass your personal information on to a third party unless required by law or regulation for example in respect of the prevention of fraud or a crime.


If you wish to contact us at any time with any enquiries relating to your personal information you can do so by sending an email to us at
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